We make it easy for international students to apply to universities.

Choosing where to study is one of the most important decisions in a student’s life. It can completely impact the trajectory of a students life and has the power to transform their family and community. We exist to support students through this decision making process so students can make the best decision.

About Global Admissions

We support leading universities worldwide to promote their programs through content and events.

Global Admissions is based in London, UK and we also operate China Admissions, based in Beijing and is China’s leading platform for international students to choose and apply to Chinese universities. Read more about China Admissions here.

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About Our Founder

China Admissions was founded by Richard Coward from UK who was a student at Peking University. You can learn more about his story here: China Admissions: CEO’s story. Richard has won a number of awards including top 30 foreign entrepreneurs in China award.

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